Pamela Wasabi01Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Pamela Wasabi. Mom of a very special beautiful girl by the name of Violetta Sky. Soulmate to Duke. A certified Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Vegan, Raw and Dessert Food Artist. But don’t get intimidated by the Artist title, I just gave it to myself since I’m the one playing with food and cooking at home for my family, my friends and now you. I found that is the kitchen where I express myself the best. Hence, I believe the Food Artist term, suits me.

But it has not always been “peaches and creme” in the kitchen. To be honest, a year ago (2013) I was not even allowed in the kitchen. I didn’t know how to cook, what to do with food or had any understanding of it. I didn’t even like food. Just ate because I had to. It’s all different now. I taught myself how to cook, and I believe you can learn too.

It all started after I got pregnant. I was very confused on what I should eat with my little baby in my tummy. One book said one thing, this other site said another. It was stressful, annoying, and painful for me (I had that morning sickness). But the most terrifying situation of it all, I was diagnosed with a borderline hyperthyroid disease. Searching for answers, I decided to grab this nutrition and food issue by the horns. I knew that if I could do anything for my baby and to help my body balance that would be through healthy, organic and wholesome foods. I was not gonna let anyone tell me how I should have my birth or that I will not be able to breastfeed! And so my journey begun. I changed my eating habits drastically, I started cooking 90% of my meals at home. I would exercise at least three times a day (I did boxing, with belly and all!). I was active and present, and I would spent all nights in the kitchen playing with food and my five senses.

Five to six months into my pregnancy, the doctors told me I had stabilized my hormone levels. My thyroid was back to normal! I had my beautiful water birth at home that lasted 2 hours of labor, 4 hours total. And a year after my birth, I still breastfeed, and still have managed to balance my thyroid.

There hasn’t been a day that goes by I’m not in the kitchen. Cooking became my art and nutrition my passion. I quit my fashion career and decided to dedicate myself fully to Vegan Cooking. 

I invite you to use this blog as a cooking and health guide, and daily inspiration. Try my recipes, follow my advises and please ask me any questions or doubts you may have. From one busy parent to the other one, our health and our family’s is in our hands and we should all be chefs in our own kitchens and experts in our kids’ nutrition.

Happy Cooking!
– Pamela Wasabi

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  1. Hey there Pamela! I’ve been vegan for two years, and I was clueless about cooking at first too. I’ve learned a lot, but I don’t feel as confident in the kitchen as you do. I’m delighted to have discovered you blog so I can learn a few things from you. It’s a pleasure to e-meet you chica! Celeste :)


    • Hi! It just shows that we can all cook. I just took things to a different level. I found in cooking my art. Thank you for stopping by. Looking forward to exchanging recipes with you, and learning from each other :)


  2. You are so inspiring Pamela, I think you take the bull by the horns with everything you do! So much admiration for you. Next year when I come back to the US I want to visit and cook with you for a week.
    And this picture of you and your baby girl is so beautiful. Much love!


    • Hi Sarah! So awesome that we are still in touch! and that we are still able to connect even though we are in such different sides of the world. Pls, let me know when you come to Miami. I’d love to see you again <3


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