Cooking Classes


Vegan Cooking Classes in Miami with Pamela Wasabi
Private Class 2 ppl $200
Private Class $150
For bigger groups contact me for more available rates.
Class is 2 hr long.
Contact “click”

Invest in yourself. Learn to cook and save on expensive bills of restaurants and over priced menus. Cook at home and control every one of the ingredients that you put in your body. Source your produce locally or organic. Feed your family with meals and delicious homemade dishes made by you and with love. Our health is priceless. Our health starts with our next bite. Book your private cooking class in Miami with me!

Register for my classΒ and learn about nutrition and healthy foods and how to incorporate them at home. The best part is, we will batch your breakfast, lunch or dinner during the class and you’d have yummy, healthy food for the next days to come.

Choose to take one Cooking Class, to Basic Cooking Classes, or Everyday Cooking Classes.

My Students β™₯

CookingClass_with_Pamela Wasabi_1Cooking Class with Pamela Wasabi00 Cooking Class with Pamela Wasabi01 Cooking Class with Pamela Wasabi02

Vegan Cooking Class in MiamiVegan Cooking Class in Miami_PamelaWasabiVegan Cooking Class in Miami

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