Garbanzo Burger with Tahini Sauce + Tips to Create Delicious Meals

Garbanzo Burger00

Sometimes is not that we don’t want to cook. Sometimes we just run out of ideas and it seems draining to prepare the same stir fry, or grilled vegetable platter, over and over again. This post, is exactly to address our “Chef’s Block”. Because it’s in those times you think you have nothing to cook that the magic slips in. And the rest becomes history.
Take this lunch for example. An open face Ezequiel bread toast, topped with Baby Arugula, sliced tomato, sauerkraut, a Garbanzo patty, and tahini sauce. It was not complicated to make, in fact, I cooked for three of us in about 20 minutes. No hassle, no stress. I’ve just been using practical solutions that keep me motivated to create my next dish. Meals that satisfy the belly and does not sacrifice our time.

Here are my tips:
– Go to your local farmers market. In whatever city of the world you are in right now, there’s a Farmers Market you ought to visit. They usually sell homemade jams, or dips and dressings. I got my Sauerkraut from my local Farmers Market. Start collecting those magical add ons. They will embellish your meal. They will add new flavors and textures and will break the monotony of your daily routinely grilled vegetable platter.
– Buy greens in a box. You can find these salad greens in the fridge of the vegetable section. Choose an organic brand. Most of the time the greens are pre-washed so you can skip that step and serve immediately. They also last longer (since they are not moist or wet like the regular greens) and there’s a variety of greens to choose from. From baby kale, to baby arugula, or spinach, or green blend etc.
– Batch your food. In this case, the garbanzo patty. Which really is a giant falafelInstead of making all the falafel at once I made the ones we were gonna eat and kept the rest of the mix in the fridge. For this meal, I scoop out about 1/3 C of the mix and sautéed in coconut oil from 5-6 minutes each side.
– Create dressings and store them in mason jars. Make this your new favorite hobby. Dressings take 10 minutes the most to make. You can store them in an air tight container and keep them in the fridge. Here I’m using my Balsamic Tahini dressing I made the other day.

Hope this helps!Garbanzo Burger01Garbanzo Burger02

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