Steel Cut Oat Porridge

Raw Steel Cut Oats Porridge_Vegan_Recipe00

Another quick and easy idea for a filling and healthy breakfast. Similar to our Raw Buckwheat Porridge where we need to soak the buckwheat groats, we also must soak the Steel Cut Oats to prepare this creamy and rich Steel Cut Oat Porridge. Although there’s no heating or cooking involved in the process to prepare this breakfast, this cold porridge can not be considered “raw”. The Steel Cut Oats are oat groat pieces which are toasted and then chopped into little pieces. Since the oats were toasted our breakfast is not raw. But that’s ok. This creamy, filling and delicious breakfast is vegan and gluten free! So if you are thinking of preparing this breakfast simply leave the oats soaking the night before. Once you do that, the next day rinse the oats throughly and discard water. Mix in the food processor or blender with your favorite frozen fruit or spices. And there you have it a protein and energy packed meal done in a flip of a switch.

Steel Cut Oat Porridge

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: Super Easy!
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– 1 to 1 1/2 C of Steel Cut Oats, Soaked (I like to get Bob Red Mills GF Oats)
– 2 C of Homemade Nut Milk
– 2 Frozen Banana
– 1 Tbsp of Shredded Coconut or Coconut Flakes
– 1 Tsp of Vanilla
– Toppings: Goji Berries, Cinnamon, Shredded Coconut, Nuts, Raisins etc.

– Place all ingredients in food processor except for the toppings. Blend till smooth or desired texture.
– Serve and top with your favorite dried fruit, nuts and spices.

Note: You can also warm up this cereal. After blending, place in stove at medium heat. Once it boils, remove and serve. Top with favorite dried fruit and nuts.

Raw Steel Cut Oats Porridge_Vegan_Recipe01

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