Dry Roasted Granola

Dry Roasted GranolaVegan Recipe00Make it at home. Control the ingredients. Do yourself a favor and make your own granola. No extra added refined ingredients, soy or sugar. Simply, crunchy whole grains, and your favorite spices. The trick for this recipe it’s not in the ingredients. After all my favorite grains might not be your favorite. Or my preference for cinnamon might be overpowered by your love for chocolate. So when it comes to grains, choose which ever combination you prefer of whole grains. Feel free to add nuts, seeds and or dried fruits. The trick is in the roasting.

This is what you do. First pour aside 1/4 C of a liquid natural sweetener or fruit juice. Mix it up with spices. That’s your “syrup”. Set aside. Meanwhile, warm up your pan. When hot throw in handfuls of grains and seeds. Cover the whole pan’s surface and let it sit with out stirring till you can smell the grains. Then using a wooden or bamboo spoon flips the grains upside down by mixing them up and around. Repeat this process 3-4 times.
When grains and seeds change their color, remove pan from heat and pour on top the syrup. Mix with the wooden spoon a couple of times. Cluster of granola will form as you stir and as the granola cools down. Awesome!
Let the pan cool down entirely and transfer your crunchy Homemade Roasted Granola to an airtight container. Voila!

My granola had rolled oats, buckwheat groats, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds. The syrup was honey (non vegan) and a Tsp of Cinnamon. 

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