Buckwheat Cherry Pancakes

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Cherry is my favorite flavored anything. Reason why, I will take this post a little personal and tell you my most recent story.

I love my job. I love feeling connected. A year ago, last thing I would ever imagine is that I would be working in a kitchen for a living. A year ago, I had just given birth to my daughter, still had my fashion store opened, and though I should’ve closed it then (now I know that) I was looking for a new location to move my store in. I thought that if I close my store then I would fail. I would fail as a wife, and as a woman.
Truth is, my only obligation was with my daughter. I eventually found a small space closer to my house. Which rent was so affordable that I could give myself the luxury of staying home. And I did. I grew apart from the store and it became this drainy space I felt obligated to go to. Meanwhile, being at home; I would cook. I’d cook all night long, and as soon as I woke up.
Finally, at the beginning of the year I decided to close my store but it took me 4 months to actually execute that idea. I though that closing the store would make me a nobody. I feared loosing my identity and everything I thought defined me. But when I took the CHOICE, you know what they say… “When one door closes….”
I got offered a job at 
Choices Cafe which conveniently opened across where my store was located. Even though I had no experience working in a kitchen [ever] I didn’t analyze what was going on, I just went with it and took the position as the baker and dessert maker for Choices. Half a year has passed since. Now, not only do I still work at Choices, I also got hired as the Pastry Chef for Oolite, new restaurant on the beach that sits 250 people and has a kitchen bigger than my whole entire house. Point is, what you do doesn’t define you, it’s how you do it. It’s what you believe in. And sometimes those choices that scare you are the biggest and wisest you could ever take if you are able to face your fears.

People, we only have one life. Connect within!

Now, back to my favorite breakfast. Buckwheat Cherry Pancakes. I paired them up with chopped bananas and a Chocolate Cherry Syrup. To make syrup, simply  do the following: On a sauce pan heat 1/2 C of cherries with a little bit of water and about 1 Tbsp of chocolate chips. As soon a the chocolate melts, remove from heat. Then pour over pancakes.

Gluten Free Cherry Pancakes

  • Servings: About 8 Pancakes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print

-2 Flax Eggs
– 3/4 C of Buckwheat Flour
– 1/4 C All Purpose GF Flour
– 1.5 C of Rice Milk
– 1 Tbsp of Maple Syrup
– 1.5 Tsp of Cinnamon
– 1 Tsp of Baking Powder
– 1 Tsp of Salt
– 1 Tsp of Chocolate or Vanilla Extract
– 1 Tbsp of Walnut or Coconut Oil
– 1 C of Cherries, Divided.

– Mix all ingredients by hand or in a food processor.
– Add last 1/2 C of Cherries and simple mush them with the soon or the whisker you are using.
– Heat pant medium to high heat, drizzle coconut oil, and then pour 1/3 C of batter.
– Flip pancake after it stars bubbling. Repeat with rest of the batter.

Healthy Recipes Healthy Recipes Healthy Recipes

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