Violet Element: Divine Femininity

Pamela WasabiI’ve been battling with my #masculine and #feminine energy. When I first came out of my broken relationship, and became a single mother, I was unleashed and thirsty to search for that lost woman inside of me. As time went by, and the space he once occupied grew emptier, my search took a narrow turn and saddled me on a new journey. The one where I could get what I wanted when I needed, the one of the doer, of the no rest, of the tough skin, of the fuck off attitude, of the “I’m alone” and I do as I please. My body changed, my femininity was forgotten, I was hot all the time, I was active and restless, my throat went dried and though all of these physical changes were trying to tell me something, it was not till now I grasp on my wrong doing.

A strong independent single mother also needs help, needs company, needs hugs, needs a nap, and needs breaks, needs bubble baths, and sunflowers, 🌻needs “I love yous”, and a pad on the back that sounds like “everything is going to be ok”. Being a #singlemom is not about being tough, but being strong. #Strong is being vulnerable, strong is being afraid and admitting it, strong is courageous, strong is gentle, strong is admitting to be hurt and surrender (1). Woman, embrace your femininity by remembering what you came to this world to do; to take care of your children and your home. In the collective consciousness, the children are all of us and Earth is our home (2). And to you brothers and sisters, lend a hand to your single parents, as they carry with them a void they will forever long to fill up to be balanced again.
#yinyang #weareone  #divinefemininity#empoweringwomen #sacredfemininity#tribedemama
#violetelement#womenswellnessconference * (1) Inspired by Lissa Rankin, and (2) Marianne Williamson

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