Vaccines; Health Vs Business

Pamela WasabiI was gonna milk and honey coat my way in to this post. I was about to go into my poetic and rebellious rant. But I don’t want anyone to feel judged, and by any means I want to ignite separation between two opposite poles, i.e against/pro. If there’s one thing we should all do together as a culture is stand strong, and unite to demand honesty, and freedom. It only requires the 11% of us to instigate change for our well-being.

You want a vaccine to protect your child from some sort of dis-ease? By all means. But first, know what “they” are selling us, why they are doing it so, and the causes and effects it has in our kids.

What? The way a vaccine operates is by injecting some of the poison/virus in the body for the body to create an immune response protective mechanism against it. Vaccines have a lifetime of 2-3 years average in the body. When a kid is vaccinated it will naturally start shedding the virus off via air, putting in danger of the virus to non-vaccinated kids.

Where? All vaccines are made in China. They are made of animal ingredients, GMO insect cells, animal blood, egg embryo, aborted human fetal tissue, rabbit, pig, dog, monkey and chicken parts. As far as chemicals go they contain aluminum, ammonium sulfate, MSG, antifreeze, thimerosal (ethyl mercury), tributyl phosphate (a plasticizer) amongst others. (1) (I’m just naming the ones you might be more familiar with).
Vaccines Ingredients

Why? Vaccines were introduced at the end of the last century when most of the vaccinated addressed diseases were naturally disappearing from our culture like whooping cough, diphtheria, measles and polio. However, as we progress through time The Center of Disease Control has elevated the amount of vaccines one should get in a life time recommending 16 doses of vaccines in 1953, to 49 doses of vaccines between birth and age 6, and 69 doses of vaccines total when one reaches 18 y.o

Causes and Effects? The combination of certain chemicals and metals in vaccines causes damage to the brain, which may develop in Alzheimer’s, and autism. Nowadays, 1 in every 51 kids suffers from autism. Vaccines also contain a hidden ingredient, which is an enzyme that triggers the production of GCMAF, an amino acid that precipitates the growth of cancer. FYI, Cancer is the #1 killer of kids.

“An eye for an eye just keeps making the world blind” (2) We don’t need of pharmaceuticals to thrive in our existence, we need Nature. But pharmaceuticals needs us, they need our money and they want to control us. By avoiding them, by ignoring them we can defeat them. Choose with your dollar, vote with your choice and let’s free our culture from the paws of the cynical greedy pharmaceutical monster.

Information taken from David’s Wolfe presentation at the Women’s Wellness Conference 2015
(2) Ghandi

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