Sundried Tomato Tapenade & Rosemary Butternut

I’m healing my gut. My second brain. Me self esteem. My self image. My belly. My femininity. My instinct. My nourishing powers. My sensuality. My movement. My freedom. My self love. My perspective.

Our body and mind are one. Nothing happens in one corner of my body with out making my brains quake. Any anytime my mind stresses, before I blink my eyes, my gut responds at the speed of light. It inflames. it cries, it hurts.

Our food and feelings also hold hands. For there is no food that can cure you if you do not believe it can. Better said, if your perspective does not change, there’s no kale juice that will do so. For us to receive the nourishment and wisdom from food, one must understand that it takes our commitment, and our faith, to want to evolve into our better selves.

We are not broken. We are lost. We get lost many times, but’s inside us that we can find ourselves. Your gut represents much more that an organ, it’s indeed your second brain, your self esteem, your body image. Look inside, connect within to see what it needs. What you need.

I need nourishment. I need love from me to me. And it is in cooking that I transmit these feelings of caring and nourishment to my gut. Butternut squash, tomato tapanadeMiami_Vegan_Gluten Free_Pamela Wasabi 00

Following the protocol of Dr.Axe, specialist in leaky gut, he recommends eating warm foods, orange colored and reds. I’m also deficient in magnesium which regulates must of our hormonal imbalances, our mood, energy and digestion. Therefore my meals, lately, are pretty well color coordinated. Butternut squash, tomato tapanadeMiami_Vegan_Gluten Free_Pamela Wasabi 02

For dinner tonight I prepared a garbanzo penne pasta on a bed of baby spinach (highest in magnesium), caramelized butternut squash with collard greens, and a homemade sun dried tomato tapenade. Butternut squash, tomato tapanadeMiami_Vegan_Gluten Free_Pamela Wasabi 03

To cook the butternut squash and collard green:

Rosemary Butternut and Collard Green

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print

– 1.5 of cubed butternut squash
– 3-4 Leaves of Collard Greens, cut in large ribbons
– 1.5 tsp of dried Rosemary
– 2 Slices of Red Onion (about 1/4 C)
– 1 Clove of Garlic, minced
– 2 Tbsp of Coconut Oil
– .5 tsp of Sea Salt (adjust as needed)

Note:  Best thing you can do when cooking, it’s to chop all your ingredients before even turning the pan on. Be prepared for the cooking process, it makes everything much faster, fun and easy.
– Turn heat to medium high, let the sauté pan get hot.
– Once hot, pour coconut oil, then add the onions and let them get translucent. About 3 minutes.
– Add the cubed butternut squash, mix it around with the oil and onions so it gets coated well. Then, cover the pan for 10 minutes.
– At minute 7, add minced garlic, then add collards,
– When the 10 minutes are up, season with rosemary and sea salt.
– Poke the butternut squash to make sure it is all the way cooked. It should be soft, but still holding together
– Mix again, and cover for 2 more minutes.
– When done, remove from pan, and serve 😉

Butternut squash, tomato tapanadeMiami_Vegan_Gluten Free_Pamela Wasabi 04

To make Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade

Sun dried Tomato Tapenade

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print

– 3 Roma Tomatoes
– 1 C of Sun Dried Tomatoes
– 1/4 C of Olive Oil
– 1/4 Tsp of Sea Salt (or adjust as needed)
– 1 small clove of Garlic
– 1 Tbsp of Rice Vinegar

– Cut tomatoes in 4 pieces.
– Add all ingredients to a food processor and mix
– That’s it 😉

♥ Any thoughts or comments you'd like to share with me?

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