From Atheist to Chef


“Love Is the catalyst for metabolic and physiological change” – Marc David

I used to fear food. This is before I ever knew veganism existed. Food didn’t excite me it confused me. But I was confused about it all, my financial situation, my career, my relationships and where I stood in my own life. I was in a state of permanent stress.

That is the norm for many people. We live stressful lives; stress represented as physical exhaustion, busy at work, anger, rage, feeling lonely, lack of forgiveness, anxiety, hate, fear, lack of perspective, indifference, lack of self love.

Stress is a natural response of the body to a real or imaginary threat. That response is built in our genetic code. It’s called “Fight or Flee”. When we are stressed our heart rate and blood pressure rises up, our blood rushes to our extremities and head. Our oxygenation is reduced. Our enzymatic production slows down, we kill all of our healthy bacteria in our gut. We excrete all essential water-soluble vitamins through our sweat and urination. Our thyroid hormonal production slows down and we increase the production of cortisol and insulin. We retain onto fat as the body’s favorite caloric source. But what’s most amazing of it all, our digestive system shuts down completely!

All of chronic issues start in the gut. When we are stressed we are wrecking havoc our stomach and digestive track. Inflammation occurs and thyroid issues follow, weight gain, candida, adrenal fatigue, pancreatic disorders, heart issues, diabetes, and the list goes on.

However, there’s a solution to turn the switch on that will speed up our metabolic and caloric burning capacity. That is called relaxation, it’s called love, forgiveness, acceptance, being in the moment, meditation, sharing, happiness.

When I found out about Veganism, my life shook. It was my a-ha moment. From being an atheist to it all I turned into a believer. Food became from being rancid boring fuel a matter of revolution, of action, of politics. Veganism made me feel part of something bigger than myself, something I could stand for. Later on I learned how to cook, and food transform itself into love. Into nourishment and companionship, into sharing, into culture, into my art and expression.

So now when I look at food, I don’t fear it anymore. I embrace it, I thank it and I understand it as Mother Nature’s own love and wisdom. I relaxed when I eat, I’m present and I enjoy the moment.

I want to invite you to find out what food means to you. And what stressors do you have in your life right now that might be impeding that beautiful relationship with food you cold have to make the best out of your existence.

Dig deep, breath, and find love into eating again.

“A literal moment of self love can be profoundly healing. It can catalyze both metabolic and behavioral changes like no other strategy” – Marc David


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