My response to Blatant Sexism


The world is changing at a rapid speed. The women are becoming the breadwinner of the households, and mainstream men as observers condemn and criticize this shift as a major cause of disruption of marriages and homes.
Yet, as our consciousness shifts, and women are more willing to speak their mind, and embed their more masculine energy to proclaim justice, power, and an economically independent life, women need to balance both their feminine and masculine energies; women that are independent, loving mothers with time for themselves, their kids and their home and still leaders, examples of life, and progress.
So what’s the problem? We are lacking Men. In our society we are lacking men whose qualities and traits are based on improving and defending life, respect of all forms of life and Nature, and givers and believers of unconditional love. We are lacking men that can embrace their feminine side and are fearless of showing their true hearts. We are lacking men that can support other men in taking decisions based on honor and not on material wants or stereotypes.
We can’t live in an imbalance of poles. Women can not rely only in their masculine side, and men are of no use in their limited instinctive and impulsive mentality. If the world is meant to evolve we need both energies to rise up, we need the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine in all of us.

β™₯ Any thoughts or comments you'd like to share with me?

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