Period Proof Underwear

img_2060πŸ”΄ Moon Cycle Undies!
Why do we need to talk about our period as if it was a subject of shame? Don’t we know that women are sacred for creating life to another being in our wombs? Blood dripping from in between our legs, reminds us of nothing less than of our creative power.
I want to be-friend my body instead of shutting it off, restrict it, or punish it.
I’ve been using the #divacup for a year and a half already, and although I was proud of my transition from GMO tampons that can harm our genetic code and contaminate our environment to the silicone cup, I’m sick of sticking stuff over there. I don’t need no pacifier for my vagina. #letitbleed.

I’ve noticed the ad on Facebook from shethinx promoting their “period proof underwear” and I decided to order them.

#Thinx underwear comes in a numerous of styles that hold up to different variants of your flow. From heavy, to light. From hi-waist, to hip huger, boy shorts and even thongs. They absorb all moisture, keep you amazingly clean, and you don’t have to stick stuff that doesn’t not belong inside your body.

I love forward thinking companies like shethinx however, I just have one request. Please don’t fall into “forget about your period”, or “excited to get your period is weird” messages that we receive after purchasing your product. Better, let’s celebrate our beauty and unique qualities of creators with ah-mazing underwear meant for our natural form of existing.

β™₯ Any thoughts or comments you'd like to share with me?

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