Leading Plant-based Living expert announces debut book

NOURISHED: The Plant-based Path to Health and Happiness
preface by Matthew Kenney, foreword by Karla Dascal. 

On-sale in January at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Mango Publishing and other top retailers


Plant-based chef, holistic nutrition, and psychology of eating counselor, Pamela Wasabi announces her debut book, NOURISHED: The Plant-based Path to Health and Happiness coming in January 2017.

Pamela Wasabi- Vegan Chef Miami33

In a landmark book, renowned farm-to-table chef Pamela Wasabi invites readers to discover a new love for cooking, the planet and their health. More than just recipes, Nourished guides you through the beauty of cooking, eating and sharing as you balance yourself spiritually and nutritionally. Anyone who’s ever felt frustrated in the kitchen or who relies on the microwave or daily takeout will learn how easy it is to cook once you start listening to your body. Chef Wasabi shows readers how learning to cook helped her to overcome medical challenges and put her on the path to becoming a plant-based chef. This journey opened her world to one of compassion, health and nourishment. Organized in accordance with the life-cycle of a plant, from seed to bloom Chef Wasabi presents her story with original, easy-to-follow plant-based recipes to get you cooking healthy meals and learning to eat for nourishment.

In NOURISHED, Chef Wasabi presents:

  • The fear associated with the kitchen and how to overcome it to start cooking for yourself
  • How why we eat is as important as how and when we eat based on her psychology of eating studies and practice
  • Her story of highs and lows that helped guide her to becoming a leading voice in the plant-cooking community
  • Unique start-up plant-based recipes that explains the technique of each recipe instead of listing only ingredients and directions
  • The underlining message of a plant based lifestyle that can be adopted by anyone no matter his or her diet protocol.

Purchase at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Mango Publishing and other top retailers

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