Rethink Labeling

IMG_6990I had lunch at a juice bar today. The flower base on my table had a sign that read “nourish yourself” while a juice on my hand had a contradictory message with one of those names “slim me down”, or “thin me” of the sorts.

Make up your mind! I say. You, food industry. You, health industry. You, consumer. You, human being. Make up your mind and decide on which side you wanna stand. On the one that strives for perfection through self abuse? Or on the side of people trying to have a wholesome lunch, a real conversation, and maybe a magical life?
I’ll take the latter. I rather put my phone down while eating and immerse in my plate, maybe lick a finger, and notice the julienne cut of the red pepper. I rather have optimal #digestion by sitting relaxed at the table knowing that is my state of #mindthat dictates my #calorie burning capacity, and not the #number on the #label. I rather have dessert if I feel like it. I rather breathe.
It’s been enough talk on numbers, on restrictions, on #diets, and on this “acceptable” tone of labeling everything “thin me” “slim me” “disappear me”!!! How about “relax” or “be present” or “bon appetite” or “wishing you the best”. Our society has taught us to allow us to speak to ourselves as if we were soulless machines who measure happiness with a scale, with a number or with a label.
We are emotional beings and our emotions can’t be quantified. We must practice self-respect, we must honor our present and our life through nourishment, and through self awareness.
Self hatred, self criticism, wanting perfection of the self, it’s a bullet through the head, that kills you but you don’t die –so let the unnecessary suffering kick in!

But at the end there is no one to blame. You are the one making choices. Choose to be on the side of FREEDOM.

♥ Any thoughts or comments you'd like to share with me?

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