Just Ask – Charlottesville, Virginia

Emancipation Park- Charlottesville.pngWhenever I watched a movie about concentration camps, or Jewish suppression, or even the news in my hometown I asked how could “it” be possible, and how we could allowed “it” to happen. “It” still happens, “it” keeps repeating itself in family households, in work environments, in the sports fields, in the grocery store, and right in day light. What is IT??? And how can it poison somebody’s soul so much to the point to have them resource to hate and stand in the name of it, kill, suppress and humiliate others in the name of it?
How can we fight “it”, if that “it” itself feeds on is anger, suffering, and violence?… So we talk about acceptance.. but how can we accept a different point of view when their arguments lie in a sea of ignorance and desolation?…
So we speak about kindness.. How can we promote kindness and not let our pain transform into “it”??
When their bodies armed with guns and dressed in muscles pretend to be tough hiding a cold isolated childish heart that recurs to physical violence, death, and heartbreaking statements to destroy us?
How can we be the bigger side?
How can we swallow our pain not to react the same way they are acting? How can we teach them, that that “IT” they stand for doesn’t exist!!! “It” can not exist. “It” is a man-made concept. “It” is born out of fear. “It” is a fantasy that will keep expanding as long as we feed to believe in it.
What can we do right now? How can we grow, how can we dissolve the segregation, separation, and fear? WHAT CAN WE DO? HOW CAN WE ACT NOW? Ask, ask your question, care. Care to ask, because this right here involves all of us. This is about LIFE.

β™₯ Any thoughts or comments you'd like to share with me?

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