The Revolution WILL be televised

IMG_4422 copyNo one can be let silent in this story. We can’t let history repeat itself. We have to recognize when evil is being done, when ignorance and immaturity are weighting against us.
Like if we were speaking of your own child, you don’t let him slide when he hits you, or when he does something wrong, you look at him straight to his face and you call things by their name. You tell him piercing his soul with your eyes: This behavior is not allowed in my home.
A less-developed mind, a closed-minded person reacts out of their reptile brain from a place of desperation, anger, frustration.
Desperation is what destroys individuality, it seeks blame outside of itself, it seeks a sense of identity from the outside from a symbol, a group, an -ism.
In the contrary, we are not desperate, we must remain whole and speak up, voice out, participate, call things by their name out of FIERY PASSION, a sense of righteousness, respect and peace. We unite not because we lack identity, but because we recognized we are all one.
We seek guidance and continue the works of Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr, we unite to oppress the institution withΒ #nonviolentresistance.
Nurture your values, strengthen your character, so when an incident that disrespects life happens in your family, in your social circle, in your work environment or in our streets, we know how to respond. We will pierce ignorance in their eyes and together will not allow it to happen!
To be silent, to not participate in what’s happening is allowing it to happen. Act.
The revolution WILL be televised.
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