Plant Based Cookies

Designer Cookies by Pamela Wasabi – Plant Based Cuisine

Customer’s Love Notes

“My dad who is a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur quote on quote said “may be the best chocolate chip cookie ever”” Rachel Novetsky

” Your cookie comes out phenomenal” Paola Morlet

“To be honest the best ever, real beautiful ingredients” Veronica Menin, Love Live Wellness Center

“I couldn’t help but dig into the bag of cookies. They are unbelievable and the best vegan cookie I’ve had.” Christian Amaranda

Plant based cookies made with exotic and quality ingredients. Available at 30+ locations in Miami. Flavors available Celestial Chunk with Charcoal Salt, and Divine Chocolate with Wild Cherry and Smoked Salt.
Cookies are also available through Amazon Fresh Local Market in the Miami-Dade area.

We produce our cookies in small batches to control quality at all times. Our staff is ServSafe certified, and our business is insured and licensed through the Hotel and Restaurant Department.

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