Plant Based Cookies

Cookies by Pamela Wasabi – Plant Based Cuisine

Customer’s Love Notes

“My dad who is a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur quote on quote said “may be the best chocolate chip cookie ever”” Rachel Novetsky

” Your cookie comes out phenomenal” Paola Morlet

“To be honest the best ever, real beautiful ingredients” Veronica Menin, Love Live Wellness Center

“I couldn’t help but dig into the bag of cookies. They are unbelievable and the best vegan cookie I’ve had.” Christian Amaranda

Hello there!
My name is Pamela Wasabi, I’m a plant based chef, certified in Integrative Nutrition and Psychology of Eating, and a published author. My book is called “Nourished: The Plant Based to Health and Happiness” and it’s available through main retailers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I’m an avid player in Miami’s community offering workshops and lectures around town, educating the community on how to establish a nourishing relationship with food, and balancing our ways with Nature to achieve health and prosperity.

Cookie Production

My production of baked goods takes place in an industrial kitchen in Miami called Commercial Kitchen 305, located in the up and coming neighborhood on the Upper East Side. Our team is ServSafe certified, we have insurance, and are licensed through the Hotel and Restaurant Department. We have the capacity of producing 1000+ baked goods a day, and currently distribute to 40+ stores in Miami and through AmazonFresh.   

I learned to cook vegan and gluten free using classical French techniques. My natural way to compose recipes and combined flavors are not limited to the absence of dairy or animal derived foods since I never needed them, better yet I have no limits whatsoever into trying to create delicious high quality baked goods since all my ingredients come from one same source; the earth. All ingredients are as close to source as I can find them, organic when possible and to the highest quality. I use exotic combinations of oils, whole grains, spices, and even flowers. I’d like to call my cooking Plant Based Cuisine as it’s an art form whose philosophy lies on the grounds of respect, love and awareness. We opted to leave out the terms “vegan” and “gluten free” of the label because what we want to communicate is how to relate back to our foods from an intuitive way recognizing quality and nourishment. We got rid of the labels to simply invite all to eat what nature has provided: wholesome beautiful nourishing foods!

Current Menu
Chocolate Chunk Cookie with Charcoal Hawaiian Salt
Double Chocolate with Wild Cherry and Smoked Salt
Warm spices combination, Pecan, and Red Clay Salt
Black Bean Brownie, Anise, Chocolate Fudge

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