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Customer’s Love Notes

“My dad who is a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur quote on quote said “may be the best chocolate chip cookie ever”” Rachel Novetsky

” Your cookie comes out phenomenal” Paola Morlet

“To be honest the best ever, real beautiful ingredients”
Veronica Menin, Love Live Wellness Center

“I couldn’t help but dig into the bag of cookies. They are unbelievable and the best vegan cookie I’ve had.” Christian Amaranda


“We bring life into our business. And life is about doing the right thing, always. It’s about passion, and loving every day of our experience. This is our philosophy when entering our kitchen, and creating with food. The integrity is always present from the way we source our ingredients, to the way we handle them, packaged them and deliver them to you. Our Raw Sugar Cane is sourced locally, combined with Coconut Sugar which creates a unique base of flavor, our flours are whole grain and certified gluten free combined together in-house to create our unique and delicious gluten free flour blend. Our chocolate is bean-to-bar biodynamic harvested from the Ecuador. We use Pacari Chocolate, premium silky cacao that elevates the quality of our baked goods. Our salts are mineral salts sometimes combined with eclectic ingredients such as charcoal or red clay. We source our tea and coffee from friends in the community such as Cup of Jose, and JoJo Tea. We strive to be in harmony with Nature. That’s life.”

Current Menu
Chocolate Chunk Cookie with Charcoal Hawaiian Salt
Double Chocolate with Wild Cherry and Smoked Salt
Warm spices combination, Pecan, and Red Clay Salt
LAVENDER HEAVEN Lavender, Berry, Pistachio
Black Bean Brownie, Anise, Chocolate Fudge.
SACRED COFFEE BLONDIE Coffee, Chickpea Blondie, Vanilla

Proudly using PACARI Chocolates on our baked goods. PACARI is premium chocolate, organic, biodynamic farmed and award winning  cacao and local company.


Also find us under the Support Local directory, pss find out of their unique code to get treated extra special.

Find us at:

  • Wynwood/Midtown/Design District/Downtown
    Love Live Café
    Guarapo Wynwood
    Panther Wynwood
    The Lunch Box
    Green G
    Brothers & Brawlers
    Garden Bar
    Box Coffee
    Ahana Yoga
    Jugofresh DT
    The Corner
    Lulu’s Ice Cream
  • Coconut Grove/Coral Gables/ Key Biscayne
    Panther Grove
    The Last Carrot
    Key To Health
    Jugofresh CG
    GreenMonkey CG
  • Miami Beach/South Beach/ North Miami
    Spora Café
    Just Juice Me
    Holi Vegan Kitchen
    Lilikoi Organic
    Panther Beach
    Green Monkey SB
    D/rt 5th Street
    D/rt Sunset Harbor
    Juice and Java
  • Upper East Side
    Honey Tree
    Agni Yoga
    Enso Yoga
    Guarapo UES
    Choices UES
    Urban Oasis (farmers market)
    Cream Parlor
    Rail 71 Café
  • Online
    Miami FitBox

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